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Exceptional pediatric care in the comfort and safety of your home

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FREE Nurse Line

  • Immediate access
  • Complete triage services
  • Directs you to proper care

Affordable House Calls

  • At home or wherever you are
  • Lower cost than urgent care
  • Quality care within an hour

No Waiting Rooms

  • No risk of infection from others
  • No long waits
  • Care in the comfort of your home

Most major insurance plans accepted

  • We accept most insurance
  • Lower cost than urgent care
  • Transparent and clear pricing

Available when pediatricians can’t be

  • FREE Nurse Line & House Calls
  • Weekdays: 6PM – 10PM
  • Weekends: 8AM – 10PM

Experienced, trusted, board-certified providers

  • Pediatric focused
  • Diagnose, treat and prescribe
  • Treat a wide range of conditions
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Accepted Insurance

PediaQ currently accepts most major insurance plans. Learn more

Nurse Line

A FREE service to help guide you when you need care

Immediate access to a nurse who can provide complete triage services*

* Please note that we do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medication in a Q.care nurse line consultation

House Call

With Insurance:

Your Co-Pay + Convenience Fee ($25)
We accept most major insurance plans

Without Insurance:

$150 + Convenience Fee ($25)

Health insurance is intended to cover some, but not all of the cost of a child’s health care. Most plans require co-payments, deductibles and/or co-insurance expenses, which must be paid by the patient. Learn more

Other fees may apply for additional services. Learn more

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This service is a life changer. With in 45 minutes of initially downloading this app our nurse had come and gone! If i had gone to urgent care, i may have still been waiting in a waiting room exposing my other healthy child to illnesses there. Our nurse treated our son with meds she had on hand (no pharmacy hassle!) and was so helpful, informative but most of all kind. She immediately took to our son offering him comfort and was sweet and loving. My son was cooperative and at ease since he was in his own home surrounded by his toys during his exam. Cannot recommend this enough. I’m hooked. Thank you to whomever created this app and to all PediaQ’s employees, its a life saver.

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